What is a Fresh 48 Session?

When you book me for a fresh 48 session I put myself on call for you leading up to and after your due date. The session will take place at your child's place of birth before you are discharged (typically within 48 hours). When you go into labour you, or your partner, will text me asap so I can clear my schedule to come by as soon as you're in recovery (typically the following morning).

Can my family be in the photos?

All immediate family members are welcome to be a part of the session! In order for me to work swiftly and give you your time and space, extended family members are asked to not be in the room during the session (unless medically required).

How long is the session and how many photos will I get?

The last thing you want after giving birth is having me there in your space! I will try my best to be in and out within 45-60 minutes! Each session is unique but I guarantee a minimum of 40 images with an average of much higher.

What if my baby ends up in the NICU?

Depending on the medical facility, I may or may not be granted access to the NICU. In cases where I am not allowed in, you will have the option to switch the Fresh48 session to an in-home session at a later date.

I am planning on giving birth at Ode'Imin Birth Centre, will you go there?

I will definitely try, but because the birth centre discharges mothers fairly quickly (around the 4hour mark after baby is born) the chances of me making it there before that is pretty slim. If you plan on having baby here I do suggest you plan for having me come to your home for the fresh 48 session.

Do I have to be in the photos?

Let's face it, we do not feel like ourselves those first few months after giving birth, let alone those first few hours! I promise the focus will be on your new baby, and that any moments I capture with Mom and/or Dad in them will be flattering! You are hiring me to capture those raw first moments, let's embrace those memories!

How long before I get the photos?

I will get you a sneak peek within 24 hours after the session, and you will get your fully edited digitals in a beautiful online gallery to download between 1-2 weeks after the session.

Is there a price difference for multiples/twins?

Absolutely not!