Registered Massage Therapy & Certified Touch Therapy for Children

As a practicing RMT for twenty+ years, my main focus for the past 11 years has been with Women and Children's health. As a graduate from The Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 2002 and certified from the world renowned Liddle Kidz Foundation, I offer both perinatal and pediatric treatments along with infant massage sessions.

I work based out of my home office in south St.Vital.

Please note that my client base is currently full, and that I am accepting very limited clients on a seasonal basis.. 

Please free to reach out to me anytime with questions!


Infant Massage

What you will learn:

  • benefits for both baby and caregiver
  • contraindications and precautions
  • massage techniques
  • recognizing cues
  • stroke adaptations


Benefits of infant massage

Help your baby:

  • sleep better
  • relieve gas/colic/constipation
  • relax/self soothe
  • eat and digest better


One on One Sessions

Private sessions are held either in my office or in the comfort of your home. Oils and handouts are provided. Please email me to book your session

  • in-home sessions $160
  • in-office sessions $140

All private sessions will include a copy of A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children by Tina Allen


Group Sessions

These group sessions are held in the comfort of your home with your group of friends/families. Think baby massage party! Oils and handouts are provided.

  • minimum of 3 families $60 per family

Does my Child need massage?

Children are smaller versions of adults! With that said, there are many developmental considerations to think about as well. They have stress and anxiety (from a death, a birth, starting school, a divorce or marriage, illness, psychological stresses, etc) that can very well affect their physical and mental health. As children grow, their bones lengthen, joints stretch and muscle mass changes. Many children may suffer from growing pains.

What are the benefits?

Some documented benefits from research findings include:
- improved respiratory function
- improved social interaction
- improved sleep patterns
- improved long range behavioural and developmental test scores
- decreased aggression
- improved concentration
- improved joint mobilization and muscle tone
- improved body image
- regular health and conditioning

What can I expect?

What would be a typical session for you may be atypical for your child. Your child may or may not want to disrobe or lay down for their first (or all) session and that is totally acceptable. You child will be given options to lay or sit (or even stand), and to keep as many pieces of clothing on as they wish. Touch therapy can be applied over clothing and be very effective. It is important to keep your child comfortable at all times. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to be in the room with their children at all times.

Is this covered under my healthcare plan?

If you have extended health care coverage that includes Registered Massage Therapy then so does your child, so long as you added them to your family plan. Please double check to see if your plan requires a doctors note. Direct billing is available for most insurance companies.

What is a CPMT?

A Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist has completed specialized training in providing massage for paediatric patients. They have learned about providing massage for children with special health care needs, children who have been hospitalized or diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Session Fees

-Initial Session $80 (includes a copy of A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children by Tina Allen
-Subsequent Sessions $60