Lay back, relax, and let’s take some pictures.

Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions!


What if it rains/snows/storms on our session date?

If the weather is inclement on the day of our session we will reschedule to the next available date that works for both of us! The weather in Winnipeg can change so rapidly that I like to wait until hours before our scheduled time to decide, so we will stay in touch via text the 24hrs leading up to the session!


Me/My kids are really sick, should I reschedule?

If you or anyone in the family are not feeling well 24 hours leading up to the session, please do let me know and we can reschedule! I would much rather capture you all in a good and happy mood and not want anyone to stress about illness! Family comes first! Don't ever hesitate to reach out to me at any time before the session! My cell number again is 204-990-7516.


What should we all wear? Do we need to match?

No you don't need to match or go out and buy new outfits (unless you want to!) I usually recommend families wear solid neutral/earthy colours. Think creams and browns ( just no crazy patterns or logos, which will keep your photos timeless!) If we are doing a newborn shoot it is best to start baby either in a diaper or in a plain white onesie.


What if my kids are not in the greatest mood right before or during the shoot?

No worries!!! Kids are expected to have short attention spans! I don't like to force anyone to smile if they don't want to! Sometimes it may take a while for children to warm up to the idea of a stranger following them around with a camera in their faces! I always encourage parents to NOT worry or stress, we will get the shot! Sometimes it also helps to reward your child with a little something after the session (like a treat or eating out), this way they have something to look forward to at the end of the session!


How long before we get to see the gallery?

I usually need between 2-4 weeks to edit your gallery but will get you a few sneak peaks within 48hrs of your session!


Why don't you offer prints? Where should I get my photos printed?

I give you access to the high resolution images to download and send off to a printer of your choice! I do recommend services from Photo Central here in Winnipeg. You can find their website online. You now do have the option to place print orders directly off your gallery. Keep in mind these will ship to you from a printer based in the USA.


How long will the session last?

Family, maternity and milestone sessions last approximately 1 hour, Fresh 48 sessions about 45 minutes, and Newborn Family sessions I allot about 90 minutes.


Can I bring my pet?

If the location we are at is a public space that allows it please feel free!