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Ever have that one (slightly annoying) friend who was always taking pictures? Imagine that happening in the days before smart phones and digital cameras. That was me. I usually had a camera in tow, be it a disposable camera or my $20 drugstore load, wind and shoot camera, and then in my 20s my Canon Powershot Digital Elph (I still have that today, my 8 year old uses it). I took so many blurry photos. Zero regrets

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Back in the day...

As a child I used to sneak into my parents bedroom and dig out all of their photo albums. I’d lay there on the carpeted floor, on my belly, feet kicked up with my face in these albums. I'd flip through every page and imagine how life was for everyone in those photos, in that moment, what were they feeling? I used to slip out the photos from those plastic pockets and examine them. And no lie, I’d bite the corners of my favorite photos (I would freak out if I caught my kids doing this today!). Those photos still have my teeth mark on them to this day (funny how my parents have never questioned those teeth marks!).


As I grew into my adolescent years I would always be the friend with the camera in tow. In my teen years I bought a lot of disposable cameras. When I was 18 I “invested” in a $20 dollar film camera from Shoppers Drug Mart. You know, the ones where you plug in the film then turn that dial with your thumb to get it loaded and ready to go? I had it with me a lot. I took a lot of blurry photos. I documented every event. I’m sure my friends thought I was so annoying. I was always at the WalMart photo centre getting my film developed. Then in my mid twenties digital cameras were THE thing. I still have my Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Elph. In fact, my son now uses it regularly to take snap shots of mundane things, like our cat sleeping, our cat's butt, his own butt, his brothers butt, you get the picture. He’s almost 9, so let’s give him a break lol.

I became a mother in my thirties, and after running 2 successful businesses, one as an RMT and another small shop named Tiny Inspirations, I bought myself my first DSLR. I dedicated a lot of time to learn the basics, took some courses, some through a college and some on my own, and we come to today. I. Love. Babies. I've found my passion with Fresh 48 and family/children sessions and I'm forever learning and loving my job. My goal is to make you remember how you felt in this moment in time. You book sessions with me today not for the today you, but for the future you, whether it's a year or 10, 20, or 30 years from now. The moments are for you and your family. They are moments you can't get back.

Fast forward to today; I'm in my forties, still learning, and meeting all sorts of wonderful people. I'm a mother to two amazing boys, and I'm still a practicing RMT (21 years and counting!), although it has taken a back seat to this job and I don't mind one bit. I enjoy being outdoors, summer is my favourite season (I can lay on the beach everyday and be content), I listen to 90's music and still cannot stand the taste of bacon. Are we still friends?! If you still want to know more about me even though you know I can't stand bacon, please do follow along on my journey! I'm most active on Instagram (@ericalophotography), I'm never on Facebook (so please don't send me messages on there!), and I'm always just an email away.

erica lo photography


If you think we might be a good fit I would love to chat with you. Let's connect.

I'm only a text away. 204-990-7516

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