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Registered Massage Therapy


Treatments - Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Therapeutic

All massage therapy treatments are therapeutic. An eclectic approach is used, combining both relaxation and deep tissue techniques to develop the best treatment plan for each individual. Regular massage therapy treatments can benefit the health and wellness of people of all ages. It is never too late to start a regular treatment plan! Some effects that massage have on our bodies are:


*reduction in stress levels
*reduced pain levels
*alleviate depression and anxiety, while increasing relaxation
*improved posture and joint mobility
*reduced muscle tension
*improved sleep 
*boost the functioning of the immune system

Pregnancy Treatments

Enjoy tension relief during one of the most memorable times in your life. A special maternity table is available to provide the utmost comfort for all moms to be. Some benefits of receiving massage during pregnancy are:

*Relaxation and decreased insomnia
*Stress relief on weight bearing joints
*Neck and back pain relief
*Reduced swelling and sciatic pains
*Reduced leg cramps, headaches, and sinus congestion

Health Care Coverage

Receipts are issued for all treatments for submission to health care benefit plans. Please take the time to double check your individual coverage requirements, as some plans do require a doctor's referral or prescription.

Direct billing is also an option for those patients with coverage through the majority of insurance companies. Please inquire at the time of booking.

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