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What is a Fresh 48 Session?

When I tell people I shoot Fresh 48 sessions, I can almost guarantee they will go, "What's that?!" Despite booking these sessions for the past 6 years I still get asked daily what it means, what it involves and why I do them. So if you are here, amazing, I would LOVE to tell you all about these sessions. Are you here because you are considering booking a Fresh 48 session for yourself? Then PERFECT, you are in the right place!

Alright, so let's dive right into WHAT is a Fresh 48 session? Put simply, these are photography sessions done at your child's place of birth sometime within the first 48 hours. WHY 48 hours? Typically moms and babies will get discharged from the hospital (birth place) at the 48 hour mark. Now, this can differ depending on where you live, but ever since the pandemic hit us here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, moms and babies (with no medical complications) will now get discharged at the 24 hour mark. -- which makes me wonder if I should change the name of my sessions to Fresh 24's lol.

Now, every photographer will have their own method of booking and navigating these sessions. I am here to let you know my own personal method, so keep this in mind when you are researching which photographer you want to hire (because you really should do some research and hire someone who you think you would get a long well with. If you think we can be friends then that's a really great sign).

Here is my booking process, simplified:

  1. Once you know your due date (typically gets confirmed around your 20 week mark) send me a message to see if I have availability

  2. If I am available for your due date I will mark myself as on call for you two weeks leading up to and the one week after your due date. A $200 non refundable retainer is due at booking.

  3. Keep in touch! If anything changes with your due date or if you have any questions that pop up, or if you would like to set up a meeting via zoom, text me anytime! Once you go into labour you will need to send me a text to give me a heads up. This gives me time to make sure my schedule is 100% clear for you.

  4. Once baby arrives send me another text and this is when we will confirm my arrival time! This will be during morning hours, but of course all dependent on which hour baby arrives.

  5. The day of the session! I will be in and out of your space within an hour. Most sessions only take about 45 minutes, but if medical personnel need to make checks while I am there we will pause the session and give them time to do their jobs.

That's it! My booking process is pretty straight forward. I want to make this as simple for you as possible, after all, you have more than enough your plate! I know you may have a few more questions for me, so feel free to email me anytime or visit my FAQs page for Fresh 48 Sessions at

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