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A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children
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Pediatric Massage 

Massage for children (typically under the age of 18) can be highly beneficial for many of the body systems. Massage can be a safe and effective intervention to help alleviate anxiety or depression, and help increase body awareness. Healthy, nurturing touch enables children to learn the difference between good and bad touch. Regular treatments can help condition and maintain healthy joints and muscle tone. Your initial visit will serve as an introduction to massage for your child, along with a simple lesson for you as the caregiver. It is encouraged that caregivers continue with massage at home, to maximize the benefits for the child, especially in scenarios where regular visits to the office aren't possible. 

Pediatric Treatment Fees (in office sessions, subject to change):

Initial Visit (45-90min) (Includes the book "A Modern Day Guide to Massage for Children" by Tina Allen) $80 and up

Subsequent Visits (up to 30min) $60

*Fees include applicable taxes

Health Care Coverage
Receipts are issued for all treatments for submission to health care benefit plans. Please take the time to double check your individual coverage requirements, as some plans do require a doctor's referral or prescription.

Direct billing is also an option for those patients with coverage through the majority of insurance companies. Please inquire at the time of booking.

Here are some common questions on massage for children.

If you have a question not answered here please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

What is a CPMT?

A Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT) has completed specific specialized training in providing massage for pediatric patients. They have learned about providing massage for children with special health care needs, children who have been hospitalized or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness in hospice care.

As A CPMT, I use various methods of respectful approach, meeting children at their level and respecting their personal space. I encourages the importance of professional boundaries, safety guidelines, infection control, and patient privacy.

Does my child need massage?

Children are simply smaller versions of us adults! With that said, there are many developmental considerations to think about as well. They too have stress and anxiety that can very well affect their physical and mental health on a daily basis. As children grow, their bones lengthen, joints stretch and muscle mass changes, so many children may suffer from growing pains that massage can help alleviate.

When major changes occur in family or social life, such as a death, a birth, starting school, a divorce, a marriage, or an illness, children may go through psychological stresses that can affect their sleep patterns, social skills, and even eating habits. In studies performed by massage therapy researchers, reported benefits for typically developing children include improved concentration, increased focus and decreased aggression. Some researchers even report that children who have received massage therapy for a regular period of time may show increased IQ!

What can I expect when I take my child in for a massage?

A massage session for your child may differ greatly from what you would generally expect. What would be a typical treatment for you may be atypical for your child. Your child may or may not want to disrobe, or lay on the massage table at all, and that is perfectly acceptable! Your child will have the option to lay or sit, either on the table or on a mat on the floor. It is important to make sure children are comfortable at all times. Parents are welcome and encouraged to be in the room with their children at all times. 

If your child is hesitant in the beginning, massage may be slowly introduced through play, music, or demonstration. Simple terminology will be used throughout the session so your child will understand what is happening at all times.

What are some of the benefits?

Documented benefits from research findings include:

  • Improved respiratory function

  • Improved social interaction

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Improved long range behavioural and developmental testing scores

  • Decreased aggression

  • Improved concentration

  • Improved joint mobility

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Reduce pain, depression and anxiety

  • Improved body image

  • Regular health and conditioning for active children

For the healthy child, massage can be a safe and effective intervention for:

  • Anxiety: caused by daily stresses, sibling rivalry, parental divorce or marriage, loss of family member/pets

  • Depression

  • Positive body image

  • Sports: overuse of certain muscles, helps maintain regular health and conditioning

  • Maintaining a healthy digestive system and promote regular bowel movements

To book a session please send me an email at

Erica has been personally trained by the world-renowned Tina Allen, founder and director of the internationally recognized Liddle Kidz Foundation.

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